Typed Out is an organization dedicated to social change, and while we maintain a schedule of our own events, we also want to partner with you! Whether it be a diversity & inclusion initiative, conversations about how to be an ally, or celebrating special times of the year, Typed Out is here to assist however we can!


Below are just some ways in which we can bring the message of inclusion and acceptance to your event, company, or institution. Have other ideas? Feel free to send us an email!

Panel Discussions

Have a topic you want to talk about? Let us help! Our team of contributors are happy to be a part of the discussion or to moderate the conversation around a variety of social issues. Speaking from personal experience, our team will always deliver heart-felt, thought-provoking dialogue to facilitate some of the harder issues facing modern society and culture.


Past panel topics have included: diversity & inclusion in the workspace, LGBTQIA+ terminology and symbology, and allyship.

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Live Podcast Recordings

Enjoy listening to our podcast? Bring the conversation to your workplace, school, or local event space! Recorded in front of a live audience, our host(s) will engage with a featured guest(s) to either share in their unique story or facilitate an intimate chat around a selected topic. Following the recording, audience members will have time to engage in a question & answer round. Guests can be members of the sponsoring company/organization, or selected by Typed Out in conjunction with the chosen topic.

Past guests have included: authors, artists, spiritual workers, fitness professionals, and activists.

Event Collaboration

Enjoy the community events we provide? Let's collaborate! Typed Out is more than happy to partner with you, your company, school, or organization to create a unique event focused on providing a safe, inclusive space for everyone. These events can be based around provocative conversations or live entertainment. Let's chat and see what we can build together!

Individual Speaking Engagements

Do you enjoy the work of our featured contributors? Contact them for a speaking engagement! Providing insight from personal experience, let a Typed Out representative be the featured speaker at your work, school, or community event. 


Sponsor Us

Not sure what you want to do, but know you want to be involved? We are always accepting sponsors! Whether you purchase ad time on our podcast or help us put on an event, your support is always welcome! Send us an email to get started!

Current campaign: Love All Ways Screening & Discussion

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