nick pollifrone
creator | gay culture, interview series
pronouns: he/him/his
sign: cancer

Nick is a writer and creative based in Brooklyn, NY. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Hartford and later earned a Master's Degree in Classical Acting from LAMDA in London. Having left the entertainment world behind him, Nick is now pursuing a career as a writer and activist. He can be seen roaming the streets of Brooklyn or Manhattan when not pouring over his laptop in an attempt to finish his first novel. As a contributor for Typed Out, Nick will focus on the gay male experience in film, literature, and society, as well as his interview series Out in the World, which will be premiering on the site soon! Meanwhile, follow him on social media @nickpollifrone.

jaz imani
contributor | poetry, women of color
pronouns: she/her/hers
sign: scorpio

As a self-starting, formally-educated journalist, Jaz Imani creates for the culture unapologetically. She has a passion for encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring people to be their own definition of beautiful and promotes unity. She has created a platform of her own ( for for women and people of color to have their voices heard through topics such as pop culture and entertainment, beauty, race, gender, social issues, and so much more. Controversy creates conversation, and with Jaz’s poetry and essays about social issues and being a woman of color in our society, it will make you want to kiss society’s vision goodbye, own your perfectly imperfect mind, body and soul with confidence, and aspire to inspire. Change begins with us. Let’s embrace this journey and spread love and magic together with positivity, love, experiences, and togetherness.

contributor | trans masculine identity, fitness, people of color
pronouns: they/them/theirs
sign: gemini

Roc is a trans masculine educator who received their Bachelor of Science in Sports & Leisure Management from Eastern Connecticut State University and received a M. Ed in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of South Florida. In August, Roc will begin their doctorate degree in Sports Management at Florida State University. Roc is the Founder of Rooted Resistance LLC, an organization that is committed to creating socially-just wellness environments for queer, trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people. Rooted Resistance facilitates accessible functional strength training as a form of resistance for the QTGNCNB community and historically-untapped intersectional populations. Roc believes in collective responsibility and is committed to reimagining and creating empowering body-mind positive spaces of movement for the Queer and Trans community.

Raymond miller
contributor | gay male identity in society & film, gay sexual expression
pronouns: he/him/his
sign: capricorn

Raymond is a Toronto-based performer, casual blogger, and Queer advocate. He studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, has worked as an actor and dancer in numerous stage and screen productions, and has had writings published in Next Magazine, XOJane, and TheGoodMenProject among others. His personal blog can be found at, and his YouTube page MOKandRIFF.

Spencer jones
contributor | bisexual female identity, fitness
pronouns: she/her/hers
sign: virgo

Spencer is a Renaissance woman- an artist, a writer, an athlete and a travel agent, born and raised in New York.  She went to Ursinus College in Pennsylvania, then earned her MA in Creative Writing from Aberystwyth University in Wales. If she isn't writing or working at her easel, you'll find her climbing a skyscraper someplace at 9 am on a Sunday. When it comes to how to live life, she takes her cue from kids. Be free, challenge authority and have no inhibitions. 

Stephanie ginese
contributor | bisexual female identity, spirituality, poetry
pronouns: she/her/hers
sign: sagittarius

Stephanie Ginese is a mother, educator, activist, bruja, and published poet based in Cleveland, OH. She is an instructor with the poetry and performance incubator, Twelve Literary Arts. With no formal education in writing, she attributes her self-taught skills to her early love of reading and journaling. If you wish to summon Stephanie, all you'll need is coconut oil, hoop earrings, and a mango. Or, you can find her on Instagram @labrujarita

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