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Typed Out is a platform & podcast dedicated to expanding the boundaries of understanding and acceptance. Through thoughtful, cross-communal discussion, Typed Out aims to challenge the ways in which society & culture shape our individual experiences as well as explore new ways in which our differences can bring us closer to unity. Poke around! Read some stuff. Listen to the podcast! You may hear from voices like you or unlike you, but either way we think you'll find something to connect with!

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air date: JULY 30, 2019

Science is all about using diverse methods to solve for any given problem, but what if the problem is a lack of diversity? Molecular biologist Eliud Sepulveda guests to chat about growing up gay in Puerto Rico, surviving the military during DADT, and offers his insight into the challenges and benefits of shaking up the laboratory when it comes to seeking out a different way of thinking.

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// keiynan lonsdale

This Australian-born triple threat is most recognizable as the romantic lead in Love, Simon, but his talent recognition has since shifted beyond the movie screen to become a rising singer-songwriter. Lonsdale is an unapologetic advocate of self expression. In 2017, the singer stated that he is attracted to people regardless of their gender.

Listen to Keiynan's latest single Common Ground below, and be sure to follow his artist page for updates!

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Typed Out launched one year ago, and we are celebrating our birthday with this Queer confetti mix! Including RuPaul, Britney, Kehlani, ALMA, and many more, this playlist will have you dancing around in your underwear using a lollipop as your microphone! Happy Solar Return, bitches!

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featured Single
 // Ellamaeflossie

EllaMaeFlossie, the album, is the rebirth of the South Carolinean/Harlem hero. The record is an understanding, a celebration of your home—your ancestry. It plants its foot in that location and examines the rest of the nation, giving its criticism of America's mistreatment of African Americans, Natives, Women, poor people, and other marginalized groups. And it realizes that the only way to heal these wounds is to reach—across cultures and back home—and hope that you stumble across the answer.

Listen to Home here or on Spotify!


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